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C.U.P Manifesto

“C.U.P is different from normal ways of thinking about art and social issues. It is a voluntary civic association, open to all, which encourages collaboration and sharing ideas and knowledge.”

The Chapeltown Union of Psychogeographers (C.U.P) was set up by the Under the Paving Stones, the Beach project’s commissioned writer-in-residence, artist and lecturer, Roddy Hunter, and developed in association with York St. John University. The Chapeltown Union of Psychogeographers (C.U.P) are interested in how the geographical environment of the Chapeltown area of Leeds influences its residents and visitors. Members meet to walk and talk together, take photographs, make drawings and write and read texts which they can share and further discuss and disseminate through their website. C.U.P. membership is entirely without cost and members’ internet privacy is guaranteed to be respected.